Malibu to Ban Septic Tanks

Malibu, an area of Los Angeles that contains some of the most expensive real estate in Los Angeles County and is home to countless movie stars, is about to lose the bulk of its septic tank systems after years of fierce debate.

No new systems will be allowed and existing systems in central and eastern Malibu will have to be converted over within ten years.

The septic tank system has been popular in the area because it hindered growth in an area coveted for its wide open spaces and beautiful views. But detractors fought against the ocean and beach pollution caused as a result.

The switch to a sewer system will come at great expense to residents in the areas affected, around $500 a month.  Businesses would pay $20,000 a month.  There is a compromise which would shrink the affected areas and allow owners in commercial areas to comply by 2015 and residents in Malibu Knolls, Serra Retreat, and Malibu Colony by 2019.

Septic tanks were a major consideration in Malibu becoming an incorporated city in 1991 to stop Los Angeles County installing a sewer system in the area.  Residents were afraid of over-development.

The stench in the area, especially after a rainstorm is famous and called  the “Malibu smell”. Not what one would imagine in such an upscale neighborhood.

In an area full of beachgoers and famous for its surfer, getting rid of this polluting factor can only be a good thing.

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