Comparing the different LA area neighborhoods that are suitable for young adults to live in

The Los Angeles area provides many neighborhoods which are populated by all ages and types of young adults. Young people are attracted to the culture, diversity, night life and entertainment venues as well as the interaction with people in their age range. Los Angeles encompasses many miles of cities which are heavily populated by this age group. With some research and cost comparison, finding the perfect area can be a fun and rewarding experience for any young adult.

Most young adults search for the least expensive living spaces as they are either in school or in the beginning stages of their careers. Though expensive, Los Angeles offers some lower cost options for the struggling youth. Young people tend to congregate in all areas of LA yet specific areas are noted due to the availability of clubs, bars and lively night life

Safety poses a serious concern as some sections of the town may not be suitable for residence. Finding a costly apartment in a nicer part of town creates more difficulties. Contrary to areas like Mission Viejo in south Orange County, Los Angeles is broken up into many different neighborhoods with some only a few miles or blocks wide. Mission Viejo apartments are located in a safe area with affordable prices, yet they are located outside of Los Angeles County. Finding places such as these in Los Angeles is a little harder but not impossible.

If you enjoy the scenic ocean life, West Los Angeles will fulfill your desires. West LA represents one of the most expensive areas of Los Angeles, yet the coast boasts year long beach outings and vibrant entertainment, especially in the towns of Santa Monica and Venice. Young adults survive the high rents by rooming with friends or classmates. Both towns offer great clubs, restaurants and everything the ocean has to give. A little further south, Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach reflect the same beach atmosphere as their northern counterparts.

Traveling inland will direct you to popular young areas such as Fairfax District, Miracle Mile and Hollywood. These districts are still costly, but they are teeming with young adults looking for fun and entertainment. Hollywood is notorious for its music bars and varied clubs. Fairfax District and Miracle Mile are located on busy parts of town and areas of West Hollywood on Santa Monica Boulevard are often buzzing on the weekends until the late hours of the morning.

If you desire to lower your cost of living, travel a few more miles inland to save a few dollars on your monthly payments. Pasadena and Glendale are two areas which are very nice and more affordable. Pasadena is the busier of the two with “Old Town Pasadena” lighting up the night sky. Glendale is not very lively, but it is close to Pasadena and accessible by car. The downside of these cities lies in the weather fluctuations. The further inland you reside, the greater the seasonal temperature fluctuations you will experience. Temperatures in excess of ninety degrees in the summer are not uncommon in these areas while the coastal climates stay around sixty to seventy degrees on average year round.

As a young adult, living in Los Angeles seems unattainable at first. However, with some ingenuity you can experience all of the culture and life LA has to offer. Whether living with roommates or handling a place of your own, you will find many areas that you can call home.

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