Check your Los Angeles Homeowners Policy and Consider Vacancy Protection

In today’s real estate market many Los Angeles homeowners needing to sell because of relocation or having sold to downsize, and finding their home slow to sell and vacant should look into their homeowners policy and the vacancy protection option.

Leaving your home unoccupied can cause you to be denied coverage should something happen for many reasons.

Homeowners insurance is meant for occupied properties and there are exclusions for properties neglected through being unoccupied for a specific number of days. Unoccupied homes are vulnerable to burglary and extensive damage because no one was home to call 911 should an emergency arise.

Read your policy careful as each coverage is different. Some insurance companies define vacancy as a property that has been unoccupied for more than 60 days, and others may not pay certain claims after 30 days of unoccupancy.

It may be worth paying the extra premium to avoid a huge out-of-pocket expense if something goes wrong after an extended absence from the home.

For more information visit the California Department of Insurance website or call 800-927-HELP.  You should also talk to your insurance company.

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