Selling your Los Angeles Home with an Independent Brokerage

I was asked today whether I had ever worked for a brand real estate brokerage. I have. I worked for Keller Williams for five years.

To clear up any misconception of the need to sell your Los Angeles home with a brand real estate brokerage let me lay out some facts.

Real estate agents are not employees of their brokerages, they are independent contractors.

When starting out a new agent needs mentoring, and the larger brands are great places to receive that mentoring and the training needed to handle the complex world of real estate. Keller Williams is one of the best companies for training, and I was given a great leg up into the industry.

But, make no mistake, it is the agent who brings in the business. It is the agent who handles the business. It is the agent who is ultimately out there in the trenches dealing with the day-to-day transactions. That same agent is going to do the same job for you whether at a big brand real estate brokerage or a small independent.

Yes, but the large brokerages will spend money on advertising my listing. In the old days that might have been a valuable commodity. Today, print advertising is going the way of the dodo. Internet marketing is king. Someone with knowledge of this new world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is going to bring those buyers and other agents to your property. Buyers are looking online and that is where they need to find you. I have done battle with seasoned agents from large brokerages who have no idea how 21st Century real estate marketing works and wonder why their listing is showing up on my website!

Did you know that when you list your property and allow it to be publicized on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) that information is immediately syndicated to various platforms, including those brand brokerages?  Did you know that in the majority of cases it is another agent who will bring the buyer, and most likely from another brokerage.

The brand brokerages are not going to sit your open house, be present for all showings, negotiate your deals, handle the complicated escrow process, and communicate with you throughout the process. Your real estate agent is the one who makes things happen.

The fact that you are reading this on my site means that I know what I am doing when it comes to internet marketing.

And remember, real estate agents are independent contractors. We are responsible for our own business.

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