Selling Your Los Angeles House? Now is the Time

So, you have been thinking of selling your Los Angeles home for some time but but have been waiting out  the market.  Depending on your reasons for selling you should consider now as a great time.  Whenever you want to sell is the right time!

Los Angeles Home Buyers are Out There

I have Los Angeles home buyers who have been looking for a few months now to buy a home.  One is looking for a duplex for sale in Silver Lake or a duplex for sale in Echo Park, and the other, a three-bedroom single family home for sale in Westwood or Cheviot Hills.

There is a wide variety of Los Angeles homes for sale, but for one reason or another they are not the right ones.  Much of the time it is because they are overpriced, or just not the right fit.

New Los Angeles homes  for sale on the market get a lot of attention when they are priced right and will probably receive more than one offer and  sell over the asking price.  Yes, that does still happen, especially in the Los Angeles real estate housing market.

Los Angeles Foreclosures

It has been rumored that the banks have been holding onto repossessed property, not to flood an already inundated market.  If this were to happen it is likely that prices may drop another 5-8%.  Higher end Los Angeles real estate never really was, or will be much affected by this, but why not avoid the perception that there are bargains to be had at your expense.

Mortgage Rates for Los Angeles Home Buyers

These are still low, but they are creeping up and as they do, the less affordable homes will become even if prices fall.  Buyers know this and they are out there looking.

So, if you are considering selling your Los Angeles home, now is definitely as good a time as any.

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