Santa Monica Place – Never Lose Your Car Again

Ever parked your car in a large mall like Santa Monica Place in Santa Monica, gone shopping, and then come back to realize that you have forgotten when you left it?

Santa Monica Place has installed the first camera-based “Find Your Car” system in the country.

How does it work?

You punch your license plate number into the touch screen of a kiosk.   A photo comes of up your car’s location.

Park Assist is the company who developed the “Find Your Car” system along with the red and green lights above parking spaces, showing which ones available.  These are also present at The Grove and Westfield Century City.

The system has proved quite helpful and lowered the number of times a mall security person has to drive around a distraught shopper looking for their car.

There is concern about the privacy of the “Find Your Car” system.  If you are being stalked by an angry boyfriend, or the police, then they would have easy access.  Park Assist is working on a new technology to allow the parking stub to be inserted into a machine which would show the location of the car.  This would also help if you forget your license plate, or in the case of a new car, don’t have one.

Santa Monica Place in Santa Monica has seen business increase 3-5% because of the “Find Your Car” system.  After all, wouldn’t you rather visit a mall where you don’t have to stress about remembering where you parked your car!

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