Los Angeles Homes Going Green With Smog-Eating Roof Tiles

If you are looking for the ultimate in green roofing for your Los Angeles home, KB Home and Irvine-based Boral roofing are introducing smog-eating tiles.

For those Los Angeles homeowners who are concerned about the environment, installing these concrete tiles will help neutralize the smog-forming nitrogen oxides emitted by automobiles and other burning processes.  It is estimated that over one year, 2,000 sq. ft. of tile can burn up the same amount of nitrous oxide that a car would produce driving 10,800 miles!  Nitrous oxide molecules can cause respiratory illnesses and damage plants and trees.

KB Home, a national home builder demonstrated the tiles in Lancaster in January, and after its enthusiastic reception, has decided to incorporate it in all its Southern California developments.  In some communities the roof is standard and in others it is an upgrade averaging around $800.

The main naturally occurring ingredient of these tiles is titanium dioxide which, in the daylight hours converts the nitrous oxide  into oxygen and nitrates.

A Los Angeles community filled with homes topped with these smog-eating roof tiles will be a much cleaner one. And an another benefit is that the rain will wash the nitrates off the roof and fertilize the lawns.  The life span of these tiles is around 25 years.

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