Size of Los Angeles Hillside Homes to be Restricted

Mayor Villaraigosa has signed an ordinance to restrict the size of hillside homes, effective May 9th.

The restriction also applies to the steepness of the lots and zone. and imposes a minimum lot size limit in order to standardize developments and set grading limits.  Height will be limited to between 28-36 feet depending on the zone and slope of the roof. A neighborhood can adjust restrictions according to their needs.

Stifling creativity is one thing, stopping tearing down of neighborhood homes and building a huge building which dwarfs its neighbors and takes out the views is a good thing.  This ordinance is an extension of one that was passed in 2008 restricting the building of oversized mansions on small lots throughout the city on the flatlands.  These buildings dwarfed small homes built when Los Angeles was first developed taking away from the character of the neighborhoods.

While this anti-McMansionization of Los Angeles push by the City of Los Angeles has been going on since 2006, there is fear by some  communities.

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