Santa Monica Real Estate First Quarter 2011 Market Report

How is the Santa Monica housing market doing?

It always makes sense to break Santa Monica real estate down into zip codes which you will see below otherwise the numbers won’t make sense:

Approximate Santa Monica Zip Code Borders

90401 =  Wilshire to Pico, the ocean to 12th St – higher density of condos and apartments

90402 = Montana to Rustic Canyon, the ocean to 26th St. – higher density of single family and higher-priced homes

90403 = Wilshire to Montana, the ocean to S. Carmelina – higher density of condos and apartments

90404 = Wilshire to Pico, 4th to S. Centinela – condo-single family mix

90405 = Pico to Ocean, the ocean to S. Centinela – mix of higher-priced homes and condos

Most of the Santa Monica single family real estate market is a sellers’ market with the exception of 90401 and 90404, the latter heavily favoring the buyer.

The Santa Monica condo market favors sellers, except for 90402.

Overall, if you are thinking of selling your Santa Monica home now would seem to be the time.  Buyers are out there looking for great properties at the right price.

Map of Santa Monica by Zip Code

View Santa Monica by Zip Code in a larger map


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