Choosing a Los Angeles Realtor? Make Sure they Represent your Interests Well

You have decided you are selling your Los Angeles home and are starting the process of hiring a Realtor®.  This is the start of what is going to be a long relationship and you need to choose carefully.

How do you choose a Los Angeles Realtor®?

I think the same way you choose your friends.  Someone you relate to.  Someone with whom you are comfortable. Someone who is going to work towards the ultimate goal, selling your home.

As a Los Angeles Realtor® with a buyer I get to meet your choice.  I am the one who will be calling your Realtor® to make an appointment.  I am the one who may be “selling” your home.  The last thing you want is for me to encounter someone who is going to make that process difficult for me.

The Los Angeles Realtor® who lists your home is your representative.  We don’t meet you, we meet them.  We don’t negotiate with you, we negotiate with them.  And we are only human.  If we encounter two agents, one who makes our life easier and one who makes it more difficult, whom do you think is going to get the sale, especially  when the two homes are similar.

This is not a numbers business any more.  It is a relationship business.  In many areas it is still a buyers’ market and you need to woo those buyers’ agents.

Recent case in point: Two units in the same condo complex.  Two sets of agents.  The first unit is being sold by two big agents, both of whom acted as if they were doing me a favor by showing the unit.  The second one was not so well known and extremely welcoming and eager to show his client’s unit.  I did not take my buyers to the first unit.  I did to the second.  Do you think the first seller is happy he hired two name-brand agents to sell his unit?

Make sure you hire someone who is going to sit most of the open houses themselves and not farm them out to others.  They are your representative, not a middle-man.  They need to be as anxious to sell your property as you are.  And they need to make it easy for others to reach that goal.  Insist on a weekly accounting of showings and feedback on those showings.  Find out why they are not sitting open houses until the property is sold.  Make sure they communicate with you on a regular basis even if there is nothing to tell you.

There are plenty of Realtors® who are a pleasure to work with and  will take pleasure in selling your Los Angeles home.

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