Downsizing Your Los Angeles Home – Consider the Lifestyle of Living on the Wilshire Corridor

Your kids have flown the nest and you have no need for the large Los Angeles home in which you spent so many happy years bringing up your family.  It is a hard decision, but you have the chance to make a lifestyle change. Have you considered the lifestyle of living on the Wilshire Corridor?

Downsizing your Los Angeles home and moving into a full service condo building offer freedom:

  • When you go away you can lock up and leave.  You don’t have to worry about the lawn being watered, the mail piling up, a pipe bursting…..
  • Just drive up to the front door and get out.  Your car will be parked for you and your guests, and often there is a car wash service.
  • You come home with bags of groceries or luggage, the valet will greet you, and your goods will be taken up to your unit for you.
  • Never worry about deliveries.  They will be taken care of.
  • If something goes wrong in your unit, building maintenance is available for you.
  • You may never want to leave the building.  In most of the Wilshire Corridor condos there is a pool, fitness center, spa, conference room, and much more.
  • Some buildings even offer full concierge services just like you receive in a hotel.

You are probably worried what it will feel like to live in the confines of a Wilshire Corridor condo after having had the space of a large house with grounds.  So maybe you should consider renting instead.  That way you see how you do.

My feeling is it won’t take you long to get used to the luxury of living on the Wilshire Corridor.  I could certainly get used to it……

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