Los Angeles is Number One – In Transportation?

Enough of the jokes.

Los Angeles is number one on the list of cities that take care of their carless citizens.  Yes, you heard me, L.A.  Los Angeles!

This per a study conducted by the Brookings Institute which compared 100 of the largest cities with the most residents without cars and access to public transit.  Then it ranked them as to the ones that effectively reached those residents and delivered them to their destination.

Surprisingly, Los Angeles offers the ability for people to get on a bus and get to work quite easily.

The report doesn’t say that it will get you to work quickly.  In fact, 36% of residents will be stuck in the gridlock for which L.A. is best known.

Wonder why L.A. beat out New York.  It was a percentage thing.  While many more New Yorkers don’t own cars than Los Angeleans, the percentage who are reached by the public transit system is 98.7% as compared with Los Angeles where it is 99.1%.

Residents in cities like Houston, Dallas, Phoenix, Atlanta and St. Louis, can’t even get on a bus.

So, New York.  Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Los Angeles is number one.

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