Thinking of Remodeling your Los Angeles Home? What Should you Concentrate On?

You are thinking for remodeling your Los Angeles home but don’t quite know what to do that will get you the best bang for your buck. recently put together a list of 7 remodeling projects that make the most sense.

So what do they think are the most important?

Value Siding

Vinyl siding is inexpensive, durable and easy to install.  One would think it might look cheap, but it comes in many colors and varieties, including having a foam backing which helps with insulation.

Average cost:  approx $11.50 per sq. ft.

Average recouped:  69.6%


Decks add to living space and we know how everyone loves outdoor spaces.

Average cost:  around $32 per sq. ft.

Average recouped:  $70.1%

Garage Doors

Yes, garage doors!  Well, they do make up about 20% of the front of the house.

Average cost:  around $1,500 for a 16 x 7 ft door, $3,000 if insulated

Recouped:  71.9%

Kitchen Makeover

You can give your kitchen a facelift without ripping out the body.  Add new cabinet doors, countertop which doesn’t have to be granite, and vinyl kitchen flooring.  That with energy-saving appliances will be great.

Average Cost:  $19,588.

Recouped:  72.1%

Adding a Bedroom

If you can do this without building on to house, i.e. by converting an attic, it will be well worthwhile.

Average cost:  $223 per sq. ft.

Recouped:  72.5%

Front Door

You can spruce up the front of the house together with the garage by adding a glass and steel front door.  Not as durable as wood, but  it will give the front a great look.

Average cost:  $1,238

Recouped:  73%

Durable Siding

Fiber-cement siding will resist fire, termites, and rot and will last a long time. And it would seem to be less expensive than the vinyl siding.

Average cost:  $10.77 per sq. ft.

Recouped:  78%

Please note that these are national averages.

This should give you an idea of how you may want to remodel your Los Angeles home, especially if this is for the short-term with an eye to selling and getting back some of your investment.


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  1. Decks and modern kitchens are all the rage here. Decks with outdoor kitchens are even more sought after. Decks, outdoor kitchens and pools are even more desirable than any siding, front doors or additional bedrooms can be!

    Like Leslie said, a regions weather would be a determining factor!

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