Just Because you are Buying a New Los Angeles Home Doesn’t Mean you don’t Need an Inspection

I am working with a first-time Los Angeles home buyer who is in the process of purchasing a brand new construction home.  The home is a stand-alone condominium, one of four on the lot.

It would seem tempting to waive the inspection on a brand new home, because after all what could be wrong!  There are building codes to be met and one would think even a visual inspection by the builder would catch the odd mistake.

The California real estate purchase contract requires that a home buyer conduct an inspection or waive the right to do so.  As I mention above, the temptation would be to waive it on a new home, especially since the inspection can run anywhere from $250 to $650 or more.

My first-time Los Angeles home buyer did the right thing and brought on a home inspector.  And his money was far from wasted, since some surprising things were discovered, among them:

  • There were many missing or faulty GFC outlets required by code.
  • Hot and cold water lines were switched.  This is potentially a scaling hazard.
  • HVAC was not working downstairs.
  • Fireplace dampers were not installed creating a fire hazard.
  • A center island in the kitchen had not been finished with an electrical outlet even though the piping had been installed.  Required by code.
  • No carbon monoxide detectors were installed.  Required by code.
  • Water heater pipes were not bonded, a fire hazard.
  • Grout sealer had not been applied in bathrooms and kitchen

There were other minor items, but at the very least those above need to be addressed.

Without an inspection this Los Angeles home buyer would have been stuck with a significant amount of repairs upon move in.

There is never a reason not to have an inspection when buying a home.

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