When Buying a Los Angeles Home at a Foreclosure Auction Beware of Unknown Matters

We are back to the point about buying a Los Angeles home for a bargain.  You generally get what you pay for.

If you are thinking of buying a home at a foreclosure auction then beware of unknown matters that could pop up, as you will  probably not be offered title insurance on the property.  In a regular sale, the Seller will be paying for your title insurance.  You could be inheriting a bunch of problems which will make it difficult for you when it comes to selling the property.

What matters are we talking about here?

1.  Property Taxes

2.  Senior Liens

3.  HOA Liens if the foreclosing lien is not a first mortgage

4.  Federal taxes (IRS has 120 redemption period)

5.  Mechanics’ liens that have priority

6.  Quiet Title Action due to fraud

7.  City Government liens (sewer, trash, abatement, etc.)

8.  Federal judgement liens

9.  Bankruptcies (if no evidence of the Automatic Stay lifted)

10. Easements, Agreements, and CC&Rs.

You may be able to get a binder  from a title company to insure a future transaction ,which may require you to clear all existing matters before an actual sale or refinance.

The foreclosure is not quite the bargain it first seems.

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