Wilshire Corridor Condos | A Market Overview

There are presently 96 listed condos for sale on the Wilshire Corridor.

Three units have been on the market for over two years:  two at La Tour,  and one at the Marie Antoinette.

Four units have been on the market for over one year:  one at The Californian,  one at La Tour, one at The Remington, and one at 10560 Wilshire.

12 units have been on the market for over 6 months.

7 units are listed as Short Pay (I am relying on the MLS here):  two at the Marie Antoinette,  one at 10560 Wilshire, one at The Mirabella, one at Wilshire Selby Eastone at Wilshire Selby West, and one coming up at The Grand.

There is one foreclosure noted in the MLS, at The Wilshire Holmby.

One bedroom condos

16 are available from $310,000 to $799,000, with homeowners dues from $500,000 at the Wilshire Selby West,  to $2,233 at The Wilshire Terrace.

Two bedroom condos

48 units are available from $355,000  at The Churchill, to $3,100,000 at Blair House.  Homeowners dues from $549 at the Wilshire Marquis to $2,987 at The Californian.

Three bedroom condos

There are 20 units available from $399,000 at the Marie Antoinette to $13,795,000 at The Carlyle.  Homeowners dues from $1,283 at the Marie Antoinette to $3,370 at The Remington penthouse.

Four bedroom condos

There are 4 units from $735,000 at The Westholme to $11,995,000 at The Californian.  Homeowners dues from $1,610 to $3,409.16 respectively.

The new Beverly West  is not included in the above overview.

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You can also check out the Wilshire Corridor 2011 Market Report.


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