Sawtelle is an Up-and-Coming West L.A. Neighborhood

I recently sold a home to a young guy on Corinth Ave.  He was excited because it was walking distance to the up-and-coming Sawtelle neighborhood in West Los Angeles, where his favorite markets and restaurants are located.

A recent article in the Los Angeles Times talks about the gentification of  the area knows as “Little Osaka”.   This area, along Sawtelle from Santa Monica to Olympic, has always been a draw for its Japanese restaurants, but it is now branching out to cater to a wider range of food groupies.

Boutiques and food trucks are also sprouting up and the area is a melting pot of mixed-use buildings, Japanese nurseries, and mom-and-pop stores.

Some restaurants of note along Sawtelle are:

The new Plan Check Kitchen and Bar serving gourmet burgers and other American food.
Coffee Tomo, where you can get red bean and cheese-stuffed pretzels with coffee made with self-roasted beans.
Gottsui, a 20-year-old chain of restaurants in Tokyo.
Tsujita, with its ramen noodles replaced the long-time convenience store, Yamaguchi, last year.
Blockheads Shavery, serving “Snow Creams”, a mix of Hawaiian shaved ice and creamy ice cream.
Balconi Coffee Company,  serving espresso drinks but also slow-brewing coffees and other drinks.

Sawtelle is an area to watch, especially as the real estate in this area is still moderately priced:

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