Looking For a Rental Property in Los Angeles? Try Westwood

Looking for a rental property in Los Angeles?


There are many reasons you may be thinking of renting rather than buying at this time:

  • You are downsizing your home and haven’t decided where you want to live yet.
  • You are moving to Los Angeles and the same as above, haven’t decided where you want to live.
  • Unfortunately, you lost your home to a foreclosure or short sale.
  • You don’t have the down payment to buy a home right now.

What are the attractions of  Westwood?

  • Proximity to the ocean, approximately 5.5 miles. This makes for cooler temperatures in the summer.
  • Home of U.C.L.A., perfect for students and faculty members to live.
  • Close to Beverly Hills with all its restaurants and shopping, around 2.5 miles.
  • Close to Century City and Westside Pavilion for shopping and movies, about 2.5 and 1.5 miles respectively.
  • Around 10.5 miles from Los Angeles International Airport.
  • Westwood Village, and Westwood Boulevard are great places for restaurants, shopping and entertainment.
  • Good schools, including Warner Avenue Elementary, and Fairburn Avenue Elementary.

There are many options, depending on your price range.  This post will cover rental properties in Westwood.

Single family home rentals are at a premium in Westwood.  There are presently 11 homes for lease at a median rent of $6,950 per month, the lowest being $4,800 and the highest $16,000.

Condominiums, a large proportion of which are on the Wilshire Corridor, have 51 active listings at a median rent of $3,700, the lowest being $1,650 and the highest $28,995.


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