Don’t You Hate it When The Toilet Explodes?

Living in a modern society, it behooves all of us to subscribe to the Consumer Products Safety Commission email of recalled products and safety announcements.

Yesterday I received a notice that peaked my interest.  It seems that most of these announcements have to do with some product made in China—and perhaps parts of this one were as well.

When I read the release and I could envision shrapnel of broken ceramic headed toward possibly naked body parts in 2.3 million homes across the U.S., it got my attention.

Flushmate Recalls Flushmate® III Pressure-Assisted Flushing System Due to Impact and Laceration Hazards

These pressurized tanks are designed to conserve water while promoting great flushing.  Since I see a fair number of this particular type of pressurized tank, I figured I would post about this defect for all of you that are living under a rock—or toilet lid (the modern equivalent of not being subscribed to the CPSC).

If you pop the lid on your toilet and it looks like there is the equivalent of a 57 Chevy engine under there, you better check it out—and see who made it.

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