Carmageddon 2, The Sequel

Carmageddon 1 was a non-event.  It took place a year ago to much fanfare and fear.  We thought that Los Angeles would shut down.  Amazingly enough everyone stayed home and driving on those days was a pleasure.

Then we had The Rampture.  It was delayed from last year to a couple of months ago and continues, with on and off-ramps to the 405 being intermittently closed . Do we have congestion on the Westside, yes, but it is not as traumatic as first thought.

Carmageddon 2 is scheduled to start at around 7:00 p.m. on September 28, 2012 and continue through October 1st at about 5:00 a.m. with the closing and opening of ramps first then freeway lanes.

The purpose of this second closure is to complete the demolition of the rest of the Mulholland Bridge.  Last year the work was finished early which is not anticipated this time since there is more involved.

Let’s hope this closure goes as smoothly as the last.  Shame too, since I am out of the country the week before…..

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2 thoughts on “Carmageddon 2, The Sequel”

  1. It’s interesting to see how other states deal with the highly trained and motivated department of transportation departments. Here we have interstate highways narrowed down from 4 lanes to one lane with a crew of 2 people working on the road. Traffic can be backed up for miles and nobody cares. I guess that’s what I should expect from government workers, but I still don’t like it.

    1. Well, this is for the good in the end. They are widening the freeway. And there is no slacking here. Last time they finished in 17 hours and it was a non-event. It won’t be as quick this time, but hopefully we won’t suffer too much.

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