Los Angeles Real Estate | Where Have All The Houses Gone?

This is a frustrating time if you are working in Los Angeles real estate.  And it is pretty much the same all over the country.  Sellers are holding back from putting their homes on the market.

I presently have buyers looking in all ranges and the pickings are slim.   What is on the market has been on the market for a while, and anything that does come up doesn’t stay on the market long.

Los Angeles home sellers, don’t be shy. I know you will get a lot of attention if you put your homes on the market, but it will be good attention.  Lots of eager buyers on their best behavior will be courting you, and you will have the luxury of picking the best suitor.

I know you are waiting for housing prices to rise more, but if they will rise and by how much is an unknown.  Don’t forget mortgages are historically low which brings out motivated buyers.  Wait too long and even if prices rise, the buyer pool may decrease due to affordability.

Los Angeles home sellers, this is your market.  Strike while the iron is hot!

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