Oak Hardwood Flooring For Your Home

What are the benefits of Oak Hardwood Flooring for your home in Los Angeles CA?

Oak is the most popular species of hardwood flooring here in Los Angeles. If you see hardwood in a home, chances are it’s oak.

So, why is oak flooring so popular?

1. Oak flooring is very affordable since it is abundant and grown in the US. Oak hardwood tends to be less expensive compared to the other species (such as maple, hickory, brazilian cherry, etc). And, in Los Angeles CA, it’s very readily available to get unfinished oak flooring. Often, unfinished oak flooring (that is refinished on site) is a bit less expensive than prefinished oak, especially as you go wider in the plank size.


2. Oak flooring is the standard of hardness and it tends to hide scratches well. On the Janka hardness scale, red oak has a hardness of 1290. While there are many woods that are harder than oak, all hardwood scratches and dents…and because of oak’s strong graining pattern, it tends to hide the scratches and the dents better.


3. Oak flooring accepts stain very well, and it’s easy to refinish. With oak, you can go very light (e.g. natural or golden oak), all the way to a very ebony, or anywhere in between. You can do brown tones or red tones, pending your preference. It’s easy to change the color down the road if have a change in heart color-wise, or if you are moving into a new home. You can go from light to dark and back to light again, pending on your preference.


4. Many customers want to extend and match what they already have for a consistent and larger look. Often, our customers in Westchester want to add oak to an extra couple of rooms (or even to the whole 2nd floor) and they would like to match the color and graining to what they already have. By doing this, it makes your space look larger and more coherent. Also, oak hardwood flooring tends to match the other hardwood you have in the home (e.g. stair treads, banisters and other trim.

Oak Flooring Video Los Angeles

Check out this video to see the breadth of oak hardwood options
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vC0a260ysM]

More info on Oak flooring and hardwood stain colors

There are 2 species of oak – red oak and white oak. You can read more about the differences between Red Oak and White Oak flooring in this link.


You can read more about trends in stain colors in this article: Hardwood flooring stain color trends.

Here’s a link for the Minwax stain colors.

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