Buying a Home in Los Angeles. When Should You Start Looking?

You are thinking of buying a home in Los Angeles but don’t know exactly when to start your search.

If you are a first-time home buyer, you obviously don’t have a home to sell, so you can start right away.  After getting all your ducks in a row, like financing, etc.

If you own a home and don’t need to sell in order to buy another one, the above applies.

If you own a home and do need to sell in order to buy another one, you need to be well into escrow with your buyers, and they will need to have removed all their contingencies, especially the appraisal and loan, i.e. they have to buy the house no matter what.  Too many deals fall through for a seller to agree to sell you their home with the sale of your home as a contingency.

Basically, when buying a home in Los Angeles, be ready to go.  Especially now with little inventory and a surplus of buyers.

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