Pedicabs Coming to Los Angeles?

In a transport-challenged city such as Los Angeles, news the Pedicabs may be on the way is of particular interest.

The city of Santa Monica and the community of Hollywood are considering joining around 45 other cities, including San Francisco and San Diego in California, to introduce pedicabs to their streets.

In Hollywood this will help relieve the congestion on Hollywood Boulevard which is all but impossible to navigate with all the tourist traffic.  People can take the Red Line, jump on a pedicab, tour the area and then take the Red Line back.

In Santa Monica the idea is to operate the pedicabs along Main Street, Montana Avenue and Downtown.

Safety concerns will be addressed and the pedicab industry will be well regulated.  It doesn’t hurt that pedicabs are environmentally friendly, sorely needed in our congested city, and a novelty, so we look forward to see them on our streets very soon.

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