What Types of Flooring Make Your Los Angeles Home Look Larger?

This is another great post from Debbie to help you make a smaller home look larger than it is:

Flooring that will make your Los Angeles home look larger.


Flooring choices can have a big impact on how large your home looks.  Below are some easy tips to help leverage the space you already have so that your space looks larger.  This info should come in handy for anyone putting in new flooring as well as those looking to sell their house and maximize the space they already have.

1. Use the same type of flooring material and same color across rooms. Whenever possible, continue that same surface across rooms. Here in Westchester NY, hardwood is the preferred flooring, and this is one of the many reasons we are seeing the trend to add hardwood to the kitchen – by continuing the same surface, even in the kitchen, you connect the space and it just looks larger.


2. Use lighter colors. Lighter makes the space look larger. Same holds true for walls.

3. Use wider planks. Wider makes the space look larger. Same goes for tile – larger tiles make the space look larger. (By the way, parquet flooring makes the space look smaller, so avoid parquet as well as small tiles)

4. Lay your floor on a diagonal. Regardless of whether you have tile or hardwood, this will make your space look larger as it carries your eye along the longest length of the room (remember trigonometry? The hypotenuse is the longest side of the triangle). It will also make your space look more visually intriguing. Note: if your room or space is very rectangular, sometimes a straight lay across the longest length is a better option, but usually diagonal is a much better choice.

5. Declutter. The more you can see the floor and walls and space, the cleaner, neater and larger you space will look. Consider throwing away some of the knickknacks and maybe even getting rid of a piece or two of furniture. It won’t cost you anything. Maybe give to your kids if they are in college or donate or sell on ebay. Also, trading to a flat screen TV that can be placed on the wall can also clear up a lot of floor space.

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