What Happens When a Los Angeles Home is Listed for Sale AND Rent?

When looking for a Los Angeles home to buy or rent you may find something on the market that is listed in both categories.  What does this mean?

In the days when it was a buyers’ market then probably the owner needed out for one reason or another and was not sure he or she would be able to sell the home.  So they put it on the market for sale.

Now, with low inventory that would probably not be the reason.  It could be that the owner wants a certain price and if they don’t get it they will rent their home until the market goes up.  Or, they could be ambivalent and will take whatever happens first.

If you are looking for a Los Angeles home to rent, these are not the most ideal properties to go after, but you can rest assured that if the owner decides to offer you a lease, the clock stops on the sale for the term of the lease.  Generally the only inconvenience you may face is towards the end of the lease the owner can show the property for sale if they choose.

It is often a little easier to get a shorter term lease on a home for sale and rent, especially if you agree to let the owner show the property.

I often get requests from renters to ask the owner of a home for sale only if they would be prepared to lease.  It is rare that they would be, but it worth trying and sometimes they will agree.  Especially if a home has been sitting on the market for a while.

However, whether you are looking to rent or buy a Los Angeles home, you need to move quickly.  It is a sellers’ and landlords’ market.

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