Sellers, Sellers, Wherefore Art Thou Sellers?

We are heading towards a Shakespearean tragedy here, extreme shortage of inventory.

The Los Angeles housing market is not going to recover if there is nothing for buyers to purchase.  Getting a loan is not a slam dunk, but mortgage rates are at an all time low and more than half of California home buyers can afford the median price in the state.

So what is causing the anemic inventory?

The expected shadow inventory of homes hasn’t happened.  Less people are willing to short sell their homes.  Even thought they may still be upside down on their mortgages, they see hope in the rising prices and, if they can still afford to make payments, they are waiting for further price increases.  Banks are also willing to wait out the market until their inventory increases in price.

And the government is helping fuel this optimism by keeping mortgage rates low and providing assistance with  the Housing Affordability Refinance Program (HARP), Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) and the like.

The Fiserv Case-Shiller index predicts that home prices will rise at a steady rate of 3.3% over the next four years.  But nothing is going to rise if there is nothing selling.

It is extremely frustrating out their for Los Angeles home buyers.  If you are ready to sell your Los Angeles home now is a great time.  Priced right your home will probably receive multiple offers and sell quickly.  Please help.  Your contributions will be greatly appreciated.

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