Are you Waiting for the Right Time to Sell your Los Angeles Home?

Every prospective home seller wants to to sell at the top of the market.  The same goes for every buyer.  They want to buy at the bottom of the market. Anyone who can predict the bottom or the top of the market with accuracy should be heading to Las Vegas.

If you are waiting to sell your Los Angeles home, why are you waiting?  Because you are trying to time the next top of the market?

If you don’t have to sell, then you can afford to sit around and watch the market.  If you want to sell, then now is a good time.  Prices are rising and as they continue to rise, and the historically low mortgage rates start to rise, the buyer pool may lessen as affordability drops for those buyers.

And those who need to sell should certainly feel good about the timing.

Tempting as it is to wait out the market, don’t forget the old axiom “sell high, buy high”……

Los Angeles inventory is way down, and buyers are frustrated.  Putting your home on the market right now at the right price is going to get it sold quickly for full price, or even over asking.  Wait and you risk being one of many trying to sell with a lower buyer pool, or buyers priced out of the market.

Bottom line, if you want or need to sell.  Don’t hesitate.  You are not going to be missing out.

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