The Mortgage Process is Like a Fingerprint or Snowflake No Two are Alike

Yesterday, I received a call from a First-Time Home Buyer.  During that call, my young caller’s inquisitiveness and enthusiasm ran high.  He peppered me with question after question regarding Mortgages and the Mortgage Process.  And I loved every single minute of it.

The questions he asked covered a wide range of topics and went into quite a bit of detail.  He’d obviously prepared ahead of time for the call.  Everything from Mortgage programs … to the value of Pre-Qualification … to Interest Rate quotes seen online … and more were touched upon during that call.  He left no stone unturned.

I think my young caller learned a lot during our talk.  But one thing he said made me think I’d really gotten through to him and provided him his“a-HAH” moment …

He said that up until his conversation with me, he hadn’t realized how tailor-made and specific to HIM, hispersonal finances, his needs … a Mortgage, Mortgage service, and the Mortgage Process could actually be.  In fact, he’d thought it’d all be fairly clinical.

That may have been true years ago when it seemed all Borrowers picked from a very short menu of Mortgage options and the process of obtaining a mortgage was pretty much routine and the same for everyone.  It certainly was when I started in the lending business back in 1977.  That’s no longer the case …

The number of mortgage products available at any given time has grown greatly over the past few years.  And these products are introduced and re-introduced on a never-ending rotation.

Financing options and outlets for reaping assistance are also available through a growing and varying number of resources.  At any given time, cities, counties, states, FHA, VA, USDA, unions, organizations, banks and lenders  … the list goes on and on … could be offering special programs to a specific segment of Home Buyers.  That’s a huge and welcome change from the past.

But the actual Mortgage Process itself has changed greatly too.  From beginning to end, your financing, and the process you navigate, is now very personal to you and very distinct in nature.  The modern Mortgage and Mortgage Process is much like a fingerprint or snowflake.  No two are alike.  The path taken is solely yours.

That fact dawned quite dramatically on my caller yesterday.  I knew exactly when it happened in the conversation.  There was a definite change in the sound of his voice.

You could tell his new knowledge excited him.  And that it gave him hope and calmed many of the fears he had when he first made his call.  He understood there was work and challenges for him ahead, but he also knew his financing experience could be a positive one with a very positive outcome.

That call was a great way to end my day too.  It was like a gift.  Give me hundreds more just like it …

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