When Selling Your Los Angeles Home Hold Your Agent Accountable

Selling your Los Angeles home is not just about hiring a real estate agent, having them put up a sign and then forgetting it.  If some home sellers new what went on in the background their hair might stand on end.

Let’s look at what you should be looking out for.

  • When properties come on the market, unless otherwise requested by the seller, they must be entered into the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)  within 3 days of the date of  start of the listing, where other Realtors® and, through syndication, consumers can view them.  Make sure your property reaches the general public before you accept any offers so that you get the most exposure.  The more offers the higher the price you will receive.  
  • When a listing is entered into the MLS we expect to see photos accompanying them and a full description of the property.  Check up on your listing to see that it meets your approval.  Also check up on the description.  You would be surprised at how many descriptions are either missing, incorrect, or full of bad grammar or typos. This is your home. You want the best presentation.
  • There is also more that can be done to market your home in these days of social media. Does your agent have a website?  Are they internet/tech savvy?   Find out where else your listing will show up besides just the MLS.
  • Put yourself in a buyer’s shoes. You find a home you would like to view and are unable to because your agent cannot get hold of the listing agent. They are either too busy or out of town and have no back up.  Ask how available they are going to be to you while your home is on the market.
  • Although this is starting to change, on the Westside of Los Angeles it is common practice for listing agents to be present at a showing. Who better to be available should the buyer have any questions, and also how comfortable would you feel letting strangers into your property?  Do you care if a lockbox is installed at your home, especially a combination box where you have no idea who has entered, or would you rather have your agent present for security and to answer any buyers’ questions?  Electronic lock boxes are starting to be used on vacant properties, but be sure you are O.K. with that. 
  • How much communication do you want.  Be clear up front how often you expect your agent to check in and what information you expect to receive.
  • How tech savvy are you?  Do you want everything to be handled electronically via email or digital signature?  If so, make sure your agent has the knowledge and capability to comply.
  • Above all, make sure your agent represents you in the way you would like to be seen.  Sellers’ market or not there is no excuse for poor behavior or lack of respect  and professionalism that has become rampant in this crazy real estate market.

When selling your Los Angeles home, hold your agent accountable.


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