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If you need help finding a Los Angeles home for sale or rent, call a Los Angeles Realtor®.

You are a busy person, right?  Do you think it is the best use of your time to scour the internet for homes of interest? Isn’t it rather frustrating to try and get hold of someone to show you that property?  Have you ever left a message with no return call? Do you know the history of the property?  I could go on and on.

Many Los Angeles home buyers and renters who contact me do so because they saw something online and want to take a look.  They think that I am the listing agent since when they entered the address of the property my name came up.  The reason for that is because of all my blogging and social networking, another story.  And I am happy that they did call.  But I also know that they probably called other agents on other properties.

There is absolutely no advantage to this method of home search.  The most effective way for a Los Angeles home buyer to find a home with the least amount of stress and waste of time is to use one agent who will fully represent them through the whole process.

I am sure the points below are on your mind:

Isn’t it better to use the listing agent so that I get a better price?

No, and this earlier post will give you some of the reasons why you should not.

Won’t I get more of a choice if I use different agents?

No.  Every agent covering your area of interest has the same access to listings as every other agent through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).  Yes, there are such things as pocket listings, which are listings held off the MLS  with seller permission, but they are few and far between and there is some controversy over them.

So, what will you do for me that I can’t do myself?

  • Set you up to automatically receive listings almost as soon as they come on the market, or manually send the most appropriate ones.
  • Make sure that there are no glaring problems with the property before you waste your time looking at it.  We may know through experience about those problems or they may be disclosed under Private Remarks which the buyer does not see.
  • Set up appointments.  We have access to all the agents’ numbers and arranging the times appropriately, especially when you are viewing multiple properties at once, is not an easy task.
  • An agent can also preview a property and may save you the time of seeing something that does not fit your needs.  Also, with the right technology they can take you around the property with them using Skype, FaceTime or something similar.

I am not going to talk here about all the other things that agent is going to do for you after you decide on a home, but for the initial search using the services of an agent is going to make the process a whole lot easier. There is absolutely nothing to gain by not and everything to lose.

And the best thing of all the services of a buyer’s agent are TOTALY FREE TO YOU.  It won’t cost you a penny, nothing, nada.

CAVEAT:  If you are looking for properties under $,3000 a month you will do better to use a service like Westside Rentals for a much wider choice.  Landlords don’t tend to to give their properties to agents in that price range.  


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