L.A. Million Dollar Views for Less than a Million Dollars

You are buying, or even renting a home in Los Angeles and you want a view. It is going to cost you $1 million to find a home like that, right? Wrong. Especially if you are looking at a condo.

There are many high rise buildings all over Los Angeles that will offer you spectacular views at a price you can afford.  Not to mention all the amenities that come with those views.

These are the views from a rental unit I visited today at 2170 Century Park East. 2170 is away from Olympic Boulevard so no matter which way you face the noise level is going to be significantly reduced.  It was hot and hazy so try and imagine these views on a clear day.

When you are looking to buy or rent in one of these buildings pay attention to the floor and the location of the unit.  Many units are going to have blocked views or you may not want to face a busy street.   But trust me, when you find the right one you are going to jump right on it.

Some of the buildings you may want to consider on the Westside are:

The Wilshire Corridor condos
Century Park East
Century Towers
201 Ocean Avenue


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