When Buying a Home in Los Angeles Attitude is Everything

You have been trying to buy a home in Los Angeles now for quite a while and feel like you have been beaten to a pulp.  You have made numerous offers only to find that you are just one of a bunch of others doing the same. Other buyers who are as frustrated as you by the process, and you wonder if this time you will be the lucky one. Well don’t give up. One day you will be.

One day you will walk into an open house and happen to meet a proud owner standing there proudly extolling the virtues of his home.  He willwant to show you all the neat little features he added and give you a blow-by-blow account of how he installed the new water heater. You will stand and listen patiently and find out that you have something in common and you will hit it off.

Maybe you will meet the listing agent and she really likes you and your agent and feels that you will all be easier to work with than others she has met.

In Los Angeles we commonly have open houses, and if there is a showing the listing agent is almost always present. The seller isn’t usually there, but sometimes it is unavoidable. How buyers  and their agent behave at an open house or showing is extremely important, and if you impress the listing side you can rise above the crowd.

Listing agents like to work with people who they think are going to be easy. A great offer from someone who demonstrates that they may be difficult, or whose agent has an attitude, is not necessarily going to win over one from someone the agent feels comfortable with. And often the seller wants their home to go to someone they connect with somehow. I sometimes think it would not be a bad thing for the seller to be there at all showings.  I have had a couple of offers accepted under that scenario because the seller really liked my clients.

If you do connect with the listing side, following up with a good, clean offer could finally cement you that deal. Just don’t give up.  One day you will be in the right place at the right time and the home will be yours.

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