Wilshire Corridor Condos a Market Snapshot

As we approach the end of the year let’s see how Wilshire Corridor condos are doing. What has been happening over the past month.


5 condos sold at a median price of $965,000.  6 less than the previous month.
Low price – $520,000 (Wilshire Holmby).  High price – $2,030,000 (The Carlyle)

54 units are for sale at a median price of $1,279,000.
Low Price – $449,000 (Wilshire Selby West).  High price – $3,995,000 (The Carlyle – resale)

14 units are under contract

There were 16 new listings over the past month. 8 more than during the previous month
Low price – $599,000 (Wilshire Marquis). High price – $3,250,000 (La Tour).

Heading towards the end of the year it is not surprising that the sales were down but it is good to see some new inventory coming onto the market and hopefully sales are going to pick up in the new year.

Wilshire Corridor condos for sale


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