Century City Condos a Market Snapshot

Let’s check in on the Century City condo market and see what has happened over the past month as we near the end of 2013.

The Century* (This is a newer upscale development listed separately.
2 units sold. 1 more than previous month.
Low Price –  $3,455,000. High Price – $6,950,000

Other Century City condos

10 condos sold at a median price of $965,000.  3 less than the previous month.
Low price – $445,000 (Century Park East).  High price – $1,740,000 (Century Hill)

The Century
31 units are for sale at a median price of $4,700,000.
Low Price – $2,750,000.  High Price – $23,000,000.

35 units are for sale at a median price of $1,250,000.
Low Price – $439,000 (Century Park East).  High price – $2,495,000 (Le Parc)

The Century
4 units are under contract.

Other Century City condos

14 units are under contract

There were 7 new listings over the past month (not including The Century). 1 more than during the previous month
Low price – $679,000 (Century Park East). High price – $1,495,000 (Century Hill).

*The Century sells in-house also so figures may not be accurate. However, it is estimated that it will be sold out by the middle of 2014, so if you are interested in buying a condo at The Century now would be the time. They are also increasing prices.

Century City condo sales are pretty steady accounting for the normal slow down at the end of the year.

Century City Condos for sale


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