Five Ways to Sell Your Los Angeles Home Today

If you are wondering right now if and how you should sell your Los Angeles home, I have the answer”

  1. Put in on the market!
  2. Put in on the market!
  3. Put in on the market!
  4. Put in on the market!
  5. Put in on the market!

There really is no magic to it right now. Inventory is so low that you don’t have to over thing things in order to get it sold quickly for the correct price.

No, if you over price your home it is not going to sell not matter what, at least not for the price you ask, but if you price it well and present it well you will be happy with what you get.

There are a few things you will till need to do:

  • Take care of curb appeal. Do some landscaping and maybe add a fresh coat of paint to the outside of the house.
  • If you have distinctive colors in certain rooms you might consider painting over with a neutral one.
  • Clean dirty carpets, or if that is not possible, replace them with something inexpensive. The same with tiles or linoleum. You don’t know what the buyer is going to want, but it is about creating a good impression.
  • Clear up clutter. The more of the home a buyer can see the more they can envision themselves in it.
  • Be prepared to allow showings. If a buyer can’t see the home they are certainly not going to buy it.

The shortage of available Los Angeles homes for sale continues. The median prices is up. The number of days on the market is down. Mortgage rates are still low.

I may have mentioned this before, but if you have any thoughts of selling your home PUT IT ON THE MARKET, now.

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