Moving to Los Angeles? Be Prepared for Sticker Shock

Many prospective home buyers or renters who are moving to Los Angeles, either for work or to be closer to their family, don’t have a realistic idea of the cost of housing in our fair city.

I will often receive emails asking me to help find homes to rent under $2,000 or to buy under $300,000. Take a look at where you would need to start at a minimum, and I do mean minimum.

Single family homes – $850,000

Condos – $450,000 and this would probably be a one-bedroom.

Leases – $2,500, but more realistically $3,000. You will probably find more selection using such services as Westside Rentals, Craigslist, or maybe airbnb as landlords don’t tend to give listings at the lower end to RealtorsĀ®.

Housing in Los Angeles does not come cheap, nor is it easy to find at present. There is a shortage of both rentals and homes for sale, so you will need to do your research before your move.

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