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Renting on the Wilshire Corridor, Weigh the Benefits

I often get contacted by people looking rent on the Wilshire Corridor, and sometimes feel there is a misconception of what living on the Corridor is.

The Corridor is not a neighborhood, it is an approximately two-mile stretch of Wilshire Blvd. consisting of condo and apartment buildings, beginning at Malcolm Ave and ending at Comstock Ave., and its draw is the high-end, full-service buildings contained therein.

However, all things are not equal on The Corridor. These are some of the facts you should take into consideration:


  • If you are able to afford the rent, living in a full-service high rise is the height of luxury. 24/7 concierge and valet and all the amenities you need.
  • You will be treated the same as the owner of the unit. Your guests will be able to valet park, your packages will be delivered to your door, you will be able to use the conference room for meetings, etc.
  • The security is second to none.
  • Depending on the floor you may have some spectacular views.


  • If you are on the Wilshire side of the building, especially if you are on a lower floor, then there is going to be significant noise with the windows open, and if they are not double-paned it will be noisy inside .
  • If you have a large pet, or more than one, you may not be able to rent in the building.
  • Leases on the Corridor are for a minimum of one year. No short-term.
  • You are looking at an average of about $4,500 per month for a two bedroom in a full-service building.

There are areas close to The Corridor, South of Wilshire and West of the 405 where you are going to pay a little less and still be in the same general neighborhood.

Bottom line, if you don’t need all the amenities then you may want to check out areas around the Corridor.C for rent on the Wilshire Corridor

Condos for rent on the Wilshire Corridor