Los Angeles Homes for Sale. How Low is the Inventory?

If you have any doubt about how low the housing inventory has become in Los Angeles, here are some data broken down by area, property type, and comparison against the height of the market over the past three years: Community Los Angeles County Single Family Condos Beverly Hills Single Family Condos Santa Monica Single Family …

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Back to the Future – Prepaid Interest Explained

It doesn’t take a time traveler to appreciate the fact some folks are just inherently going to have a problem with paying today for something that won’t come due until tomorrow. Especially when that something is perhaps ill-explained and/or part of a complex real estate transaction. Even with the rollout of the CFPB’s new disclosure forms, the Loan Estimate (LE) and the Closing Disclosure (CD), consumers will likely still proffer some age-old questions about at least one component of a mortgage loan’s cost structure. So let’s hop in our DeLorean and venture to find out what is prepaid interest?

The Home Inspection in a Multiple Offer Situation

The Los Angeles real estate market is still favoring sellers and many if not most homes for sale receive many offers. In a multiple offer situation the inspection becomes a more delicate matter than usual since there will almost certainly be one or two backup offers waiting in the wings.

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