How Will my Home be Marketed Once it is Listed For Sale?

As you’ll see in the video, every home and market is a unique situation. Good marketing plans are specific to both. But every plan will include: Preparation Pricing and Marketing Activities.

If work is needed on your home preparation may take some time. Your home needs to look its best. It is a good idea to have your own inspection which will prepare you for what the buyer’s inspector will find. Then you can choose to make repairs or prepare to offer a credit. Making upgrades is less advisable since what you choose to do may not suit a prospective buyer.

You and your agent will decide on the listing price.  In the Los Angeles housing market paid closing costs are less common that in the rest of the country but, depending on the speed you need to sell, you might get yourself mentally ready for buyer  requests on the contract, such as a one year home warranty contract on appliances, etc, or that chandelier in the living room.  Also there may be further negotiations once you are in escrow where the buyer requests all kinds of repairs. This of course affects your bottom line.

Once the home is on the market it will quickly be entered in the MLS and will show up in Internet searches by agents and buyers. Syndication from the MLS will expose your home further. The days of paper advertising are pretty much over as most buyers are searching on the internet.

Your broker will advise other marketing activities including signage, showing and open house events so make the best of your situation. Their aim is to get negotiable offers, and then take the offer you accept through the closing process.


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