July 2015

Home Buyers, Your Agent Works For You Not Vice Versa

If you are a home buyer, especially in the Los Angeles area, I feel compelled to offer a heads up on what you should be expecting from your agent. This especially applies if your are a first-time home buyer because you may not understand how the process works.

I often get calls from buyers, especially first timers, asking about a property they presume is my listing because it is on my website. Since I run an Internet Data Exchange (IDX) feed on my website, all listings provided by my Multiple Listing Service (MLS) are provided to my site through my IDX, hence the confusion. I am, of course, happy to help them since this is a source for some of my business. However, the first question I ask is if they already have an agent. Many of them do. That is when I feel compelled to explain what the role of their agent is which is what their agent should have already explained to them.

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