Selling Your Los Angeles Home? Four Simple Tips

You are considering selling your Los Angeles home and are beginning to stress out about the process. Please don’t. It really isn’t that difficult, especially if you hire a real estate agent to do all the major legwork.

The graphic below pretty much covers the main responsibilities of a seller and is something  a good agent is going to discuss with you.

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  1. During the course of having your home on the market and allowing potential buyers to view it you should really put yourself in a buyer’s place. What would you think if you walked into your home with a stranger’s eyes? Would it pass muster for you? If your home is messy and cluttered that is the impression a buyer is going to walk away with. Sometimes it is good to remove too many family photos or truly personal touches while the home is on the market. You want a buyer to visualize themselves in the home and not you.
  2. Disclose¬†everything you know about your home. Even if the water damage (mentioned in the graphic) was years ago, it certainly doesn’t hurt to mention it. The same with anything else, however minor, that may have happened. Neighbor noise, barking dogs, etc. Disclose it all. You can never get into trouble for what you say. It is what you don’t say that may come back to haunt you.
  3. Ah yes, remodeling. I have seen homes which have been completely remodeled sell, only for the new owner to completely gut the home and start again. Not every remodeling project is going to get you your money back. You are going to have much less hassle and may net more money if you price your home per the condition it is currently in. Remember your taste may not be for everyone, and finding a buyer who loves what you have done may narrow your options and lead to a longer on-market time.
  4. As with point 1, clutter, having your home show well to a prospective buyer will help it sell faster. Again, put yourself in a buyer’s position and look at your home objectively. How is your curb appeal? Do you need to clean up your landscaping? Does your home need a fresh coat of paint inside and out? Is the garage door off it’s hinges? Giving your home a cosmetic makeover will not cost much and will make it much more attractive to your potential new owner.

These are really the basics of what you need to to do attract a buyer base. These and of course the right pricing.

Now it’s time to get your home sold in a low inventory market.

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