Is There Such a Thing as The Perfect Home?

The more you go through your house hunting process the more you start to wonder if there is such a thing as the perfect home. You start out with an idea of what your new home is going to look like and where it is going to be located and every home you see does not match up to your ideals.

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So how can we change your mindset so that you begin to look at a home with new eyes and see how it could possibly become the perfect home?

There isn’t too much you can do about wanting to live in a particular school district where you might have to make sacrifices, but let’s leave that requirement out of it for now. Let’s say for instance that you want to live in an area because of its reputation, but you cannot afford it. Why not look at the neighborhood right next to it. For instance you may want to live in Beverly Hills but are priced out. There is a neighborhood right next to it, commonly referred to as Beverly Hills adjacent, which will allow you to enjoy the walkability of Beverly Hills and which has its own chic areas.

You may want a short commute to work but again, affordability is not in your favor. What if your ideal home is located in a neighborhood which means you may have to drive 30 to 40 minutes each way? The home has everything you want. Is the commute really going to kill the deal?

You only want a newer home but in a city where there is not much construction happening what if you found an older home that has been totally remodeled and feels like new? Are you going to be put off by the year it was built?

You want your home to have certain features like wood flooring, remodeled kitchen and bathrooms, but depending on the price you may be able to do this yourself and bring the home up to your idea of perfection.

There are some factors that you may not be able to live without, like a view and a light-filled home, outdoor space, and those you may have to hold out for if you still seek perfection, but after what seems like an eternity of discounting homes because they don’t meet your standards your idea of perfection may start to change.

Be open. Be creative. Think outside the box. Your perfect home is out there waiting for you.

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