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5 Ways to Declutter Before Moving

You have just sold your home, have a new house ready to go, and you’re looking into the logistics for moving all your stuff. Depending on the moving option you choose, space can be limited if you have a lot of belongings.

This is why every move requires time spent toward organizing. Taking a little bit of time throwing out old items and cleaning up the mess can go a long way for making the move a smoother process.

Clear Out Your Closet It is so easy to let our closet build up with clothes we no longer fit, are out of style, or simply are old. Take this time to clear out the 70-80% of your closet you typically don’t wear. You want to have clothes and shoes you are excited to wear and know are usable. Consider donating the rest or having a yard sale to clear them out.

Get Rid of the Paper and Old Books Most recipes can be found online now so there is no need to hang on to them. You can also scan and upload old documents, so you don’t have loose papers floating around. Find new homes for the old books you may have that are never opened anymore. There is probably a school or library who would gratefully take them off your hands.

Have a Sentimental Box Oftentimes the most difficult part of decluttering is knowing what to do with those items you don’t use but can’t get rid of due to sentimental value. Find a box, you decide the size, and make it a goal to only keep what can fit inside this box. Make sure, though, that this box (or tote) has a suitable home that will keep it from cluttering a different part of your home.

Ditch Expired and Stale Foods When moving, it can be easy to want to bring along all your food in your freezer and pantry. However, if you haven’t used it by now or it’s unidentifiable it’s time to toss it. Most foods should be thrown out after 6-8 months, including spices. As you are getting ready to move this is the perfect timing to go through all your food. If you haven’t cooked with it by now, it’s probably going to be a while (if ever) that you will.

Stop Planning and Get Moving It’s always easier to plan out the logistics of packing, decluttering, and cleaning before a move. However, there comes a point when it’s time to put it all into practice! If you keep in mind the little steps along the way, you’ll do just fine.

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