5 Essential Projects that Will Help Sell Your Home Quicker

With the housing market booming these days, buyers can be quite picky. That means if you’re putting your home on the market, you need to take measures to make your home stand out. While no project will give you a full return on what you spend, these projects are sure to help you sell your home quickly.

5 tips to sell your home quicker


The goal of decluttering is to maximize the space of each room and make sure the items you leave are well organized. It can be an overwhelming task, but instead of thinking about how much work it will be to organize your house, dedicate a Saturday to decluttering the kitchen. Then, do another room on a different day. You’ll most likely gain some momentum once you start. You don’t have to remove all the furniture and items from your home; just try to rearrange and eliminate any items that will distract buyers from envisioning themselves in your home.

Deep Cleaning

Once you have your house decluttered, you can start to give it a thorough cleaning. It’s important to clean each room from top to bottom so that you can vacuum the dust and dirt that fall as you clean. It helps to get all the supplies you need before starting so that you don’t have to take trips to the store once you get in a flow. Be sure to clean all the rooms — including all of the closets, laundry room, and hard to reach areas — because most buyers will want to see every inch of the house. If you have the budget for it, hiring professional cleaners can be well worth the cost. For instance, the average price for a one-time interior house cleaning runs between $116 and $223 in Los Angeles, California.


Painting is also a key part of selling your home quickly. This is a stage where you’ll need to dial back the creativity a notch and cater to the tastes of a wide array of buyers. It’s safest to go with a neutral color and to paint the walls of every room the same color. As far as the ceilings go, it’s hard to go wrong with white. Painting takes patience, but it’s a task you can do yourself while saving a significant amount of money. Oftentimes, you can paint the whole interior of your home for what it would cost to hire a painting company to do one room.


Another important aspect of impressing buyers is upping your curb appeal. After all, the first thing people will see as they drive up is the lawn and exterior of your home. Most buyers are forgiving when it comes to the exterior needing touched up, so your primary focus should be shaping up the landscaping. Regular lawn maintenance (i.e. mowing, edging, pruning plants and trees) goes a long way. Also, remove any unnecessary items from the lawn and front porch, and make sure the walkway and entrance of the home provide comfortable access.

Updating the Bathroom and Kitchen

If the market in your area is competitive, you may want to consider updating an outdated bathroom and kitchen. For instance, changing the mirrors, light fixtures, faucet, shower hardware, and toilet are all relatively inexpensive ways to boost the appeal of your bathroom. Likewise, replacing the handles and knobs on your appliances and painting your cabinets can bring life to the kitchen without breaking the bank. If you want to go the extra mile, consider installing new floors in these rooms.

You can help your house sell quickly by committing some time and hard work to the process. Remember to declutter and deep clean the entire house, paint every room a neutral color, and shape up the landscaping. If you want to take extra measures to impress buyers, give the bathrooms and kitchen some attention if necessary.

Article provided by Natalie Jones from HomeownerBliss.info.

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