5 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling a Home

Are you considering selling a home in Los Angeles in the near future? There are a lot of things to think about when putting your home on the market in order to give it the best exposure and ensure that you will maximize your sales price.

5 mistakes to avoid when selling a home

Any one of these mistakes below can cause your home to linger on the market or simply not sell. Make sure you do not cut corners and start off giving prospective buyers the best impression of your home.

  • The photos do not accurately represent your property. This goes both ways. Photos need to truthfully reflect what you are selling. Highlight the positive and minimize the negative. So many times photos are enhanced to entice buyers, and when they arrive they are disappointed. You are not going to trick them so why not be honest. Make sure the photos are professionally presented. Blurred, dark, or plain bad photos are going to put buyers off, no matter the condition of your home. Oh, and for heaven’s sake make sure your home is ready to be photographed (and shown). Clear all clutter.
  • The description of your home is badly written or does not do it justice. Not everything can be shown in a photo. Talk about its proximity to shopping, restaurants, transportation, good schools, etc. If there is a fabulous view rave about that. Don’t use words like “charming” or “emotional”.  The former is often used when you can’t think of anything else to say and I still haven’t figured out what the latter means. Make sure that there are not a lot of embarrassing typos. We RealtorsĀ® often have a lot of fun with some of the descriptions we read on the MLS. It also doesn’t give us much confidence in the listing when its presentation is full of errors. Sell your home but sell it accurately and professionally.
  • The home is being sold empty.  It is unfortunate but often buyers do not have imagination when they walk into an empty home. They can’t picture themselves living there, and furniture can often help. Another problem is when sellers leave too much of their own personalities in the home, such as pictures or clutter such as toys lying around etc.  Let the sellers see the house and help them imagine it as their home
  • The home is priced too high. The market will determine the price. Most sellers think their home is worth more than it is, but it is the buyer who will determine the worth. They have access to the latest comparable sales. Not just sales but homes similar to the seller’s on which they will base their offer. You may miss out on buyers even viewing your home if they think it is overpriced. Pricing it right may result in you getting more than you asked.
  • Too many restrictions are placed on availability for showings. In today’s market buyers want to see a home when they want to see it, and they will move on to the next one if they can’t get in to yours. It can be inconvenient to allow showings at short notice, but within reason you should try and accommodate them.

The market for sellers is currently slowing down so make the most of the opportunity to sell you home in its most positive light. A well-marketed home is going to win out every time over one that is not.

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