Moving to Los Angeles? Where Do You Start?

Are you thinking of relocating to Los Angeles and don’t know quite where to start?

Get ready to move to Los Angeles

Do you need help?  Someone who knows the area and has helped numerous people like yourself settle in?

Here are some things to consider:

Aldous Huxley wrote in his 1925 book, Americana that Los Angeles was ‘nineteen suburbs in search of a metropolis’. That number has grown significantly as you can see here. Not to mention that Los Angeles County consists of 88 cities. So settling on the area you would like to live could be a challenge. However, your search can be narrowed down by some of the following criteria:

Pick a Neighborhood

  • Where you are going to be working? Ideally you are going to want to avoid the renowned parking lot that is L.A. traffic. Using Google Maps is a good way to estimate your commute time,
  • What school would you like your child to attend? This page will help you research the various school districts and help you narrow down your school of choice. There is another challenge here and that is you will have to make sure that the home you choose is actually in that school’s district, because two houses in close vicinity could be in different school districts.
  • What kind of housing can you afford? Do you want to rent or buy? Your price range and type of housing is going to determine the neighborhood you will be researching.
  • What kind of lifestyle do you you enjoy? Outdoor, urban, ocean living, downtown living, etc.
  • Do you need to be near public transportation? Car-centric Los Angeles is heavily invested in its metro rail system and constantly working on new lines. Also, Los Angeles is slowly becoming a bike-friendly city, so this might be something to consider when planning your commute.

Check out some of the Los Angeles neighborhoods.

This informal map of L.A. County neighborhoods and cities, put together by Eric Brightwell, is a great overview.

Understand the Market

  • Will you need a short-term rental with an aim to buying a home or a long-term rental?
    • Short-term rentals can be difficult to find in Los Angeles with the majority of landlords looking for a minimum one-year lease.
    • The Los Angeles rental market is competitive right now so you will probably need help navigating it.
  • Do you have an understanding of the Los Angeles real estate market in terms of prices, the market trend etc? As stated above your price point will determine which neighborhoods you can afford.
  • If you are relocating to Los Angeles from another country and have no credit in the U.S. it can be challenging to get a rental property. If you wish to buy a home and need to get a loan, there are only a handful of lenders who will be able to help.

Understand the Process

Real estate is local and it is important to understand what is involved in the purchase of property in each area. Please take a look at the buying process which is specific to the Los Angeles area and read through some of the buyer tips which may answer some questions.

Get Help

Moving to a new city may seem overwhelming. You are going to need someone to help you through the process. More than just a Realtor® I specialize in helping out-of-town buyers with their searches. You may have limited time for your home search, so before you come to town, after we discuss your wants and needs, I will set up a custom search with your specific criteria and send you appropriate listings as they come on the market. When you find a home(s) which interests you, and with some understanding of what will work for you, I will preview the home, and if you are available, do it on FaceTime so you can tour the home with me. In this way we can narrow down properties for you to tour during your visit. This will greatly maximize the time available to you. Also, you will need to familiarize yourself with the local resources, whether it be a lender, contractor, or anyone who can help you make a long distance decision.

You may have to leave town after your purchase decision, and you are going to need someone you can trust to be there when you can’t be and manage the process in your absence. These are the “concierge” services I offer to make your life easier.

Helpful Resources

Making a big move can also have an emotional effect on your family, especially if you have children. Check out Essential Engagement Services which offers some excellent materials to help you through the transition period.

TSI offer great tips on helping with your big move.

Especially if you are going to be renting before you commit to buying a home check out this Storage app that will make your life easier.

Hopefully you will find some useful contact information on this page.

Finding the right Realtor® is going to help take the stress out of a big move. Hopefully I can help.

Need Help? Have questions? Fill out the CONTACT FORM or call Jane at 310-351-9208

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