What are Fixtures When Buying a Home?

Buying and selling a home in Los Angeles can be a daunting experience, but there are things you can do to make the process easier and more pleasant.

Buying or selling a home, what are fixtues?

Buyers: Do you know what comes with the home by default?  Did you know that you can ask for anything in your purchase offer?  You should certainly not be afraid to ask for that lovely chandelier in the dining room, or the patio furniture that just finishes off the garden, or the curtains which were after all made for the house. As you tour the home make note of items you think you may want and don’t be afraid to ask for them in your offer to purchase contract.  There is a section where you can check off or add items that you would like to request. Of course this may not apply if you are in a competitive bidding market as you will be trying to may your offer as clean as possible.

Sellers: Do you know what you want to leave and  take? It is a good idea before you put your house on the market to remove any fixtures you may want to take with you, like that chandelier you love. Chances are a buyer is going to want it and it will remove any contention if they never see it. Of course you shouldn’t leave a gaping hole in the ceiling. It is more difficult to remove appliances, and any that are built-in will need to stay, but you will have a chance to exclude items when you are in negotiations. The stove will probably need to stay as there are some loans that require one.

Buyers: If you feel you are in a good buying position then go ahead and list your requests on the contract. The seller can always say no. Fixtures and fittings should stay; personal property should leave, but if you are not sure add those to the contract to be sure.

So what are fixtures? Fixtures are items that are physically attached to property and would require tools to remove them. For example, a built-in dishwasher would be considered a fixture. A mounted TV is not considered a fixture whereas the bracket holding it may be. Curtain rods, towel racks, etc. would be considered fixtures. Curtains are not, however the Buyer should by all means ask for them. Unless items are actually fixed to the property, the Seller can take them unless there was a written agreement that the Buyer can take them.

Buyers: There are some grey areas. The chandelier is actually a fixture and if you love it then be sure to ask for it specifically. However the seller may be thinking of taking it with them and may not agree to let you have it, but they will need to replace it if they do.

Buyers:  Don’t assume that you are going to get an item you have your eyes on. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want in the contract.  If you don’t ask you may not get.

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