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Living in L.A. is a Different Experience From Visiting L.A.

I have experienced Los Angeles from two different viewpoints and I can tell you that living in L.A. is a totally difference experience from visiting it. As you drive around L.A. you see the buses with tourists being shown all the “sights”:  Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills; the Hollywood sign; Griffith Park Observatory; The Magic …

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Last Week in Los Angeles Real Estate 6/22/2015

Affordable housing is a oxymoron in Los Angeles. The California Supreme Court has taken steps to address the problem by making it easier for cities. California is among the most expensive places to buy a home. An average home price at $440,000 is two and a half times the national average of $180,000.

Last Week In Los Angeles Real Estate. 6/15/2015

The battle over restricting short-term rentals in Los Angeles continues to wage. While Santa Monica has passed an ordinance banning the rental of a home for less than 30 days unless the owner is in residence, other neighborhoods are fighting the policy. This action was shut down in Silver Lake and Venice, but the City of West Hollywood is next to watch. Malibu is allowing short-term rentals to continue, but the Mayor is authorized to issue subpoenas to companies to ensure that the property owners comply with the mandatory Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) of 12%.

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