Homes for Sale in Santa Monica

Santa Monica is a diverse beach city with something for everyone. A haven for tourists you will find fine dining, chic clothing stores and mix of real estate, from the high-end single family homes to the vacation rental.  There are 23 parks and 2 swimming pools in the City of Santa Monica.

Homes for sale in Santa Monica

With approximately 89,736  inhabitants and 50,912 housing units, Santa Monica is an incorporated city bordered on the west by the Pacific Ocean. The majority of the population, 40.5% reside north of Wilshire Blvd followed by 30.3% south of Pico, Ocean Park and Sunset Park, 23.2% in mid-city/Pico area and 6% in the Downtown ocean front area (2005 estimates based on 2000 census). Santa Monica also has a larger concentration of single family households than two or more family households.

Because of the population density, the majority of Santa Monica housing consists of multi-family developments, followed by single family units.  There is also a high proportion of rental units.  With less smog and traffic than the rest of Los Angeles, Santa Monica is a desirable place for those seeking an outdoor lifestyle.

Santa Monica comprises 8.3 square miles and is one of the leading sustainable cities in the U.S. with all public buildings running on renewable energy and 2 out of 4 of the city’s public works running on alternative fuel.  It is located on the west side of Los Angeles County, 16 miles from downtown Los Angeles and bordered on three sides by the City of Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean to the west.

There are several distinct areas in Santa Monica, as follows:

Downtown Santa Monica, 90401:  Boundaries are South of California to Colorado and from 2nd to 14th St.  This area is primarily a business district with car dealerships, hotels,  and it includes the famous Third Street Promenade and the renovated Santa Monica Place mall.

North of San Vicente, 90402:  San Vicente is the northernmost street in Santa Monica and homes north of it are among the most expensive in Los Angeles County.  You have some spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and Santa Monica Canyon.

North of Montana, 90402: One of the most expensive areas in the County, with trendy Montana being one of the few walk streets in the area with its upscale shops and restaurants.  Streets in this area include: Georgina, Marguerita, Alta, Caryle, Brentwood Terrace and the numbered streets from 4th through 26th.  17th through 22nd is Gillette’s Regent Square.  Two good elementary schools serve this area, Franklin, serving residents on 15th to the west side of 26th, and Roosevelt, 14th down to Ocean Ave.

(90402 includes Santa Monica Canyon which is not part of the City of Santa Monica.)

North of Wilshire, 90403:  This is an area between Wilshire and Montana stretching east to around Centinela.  It is a heavily residental neighborhood made up of mid-sized homes and condominiums.  Lincoln Middle School is on 14th St.  Although not quite as expensive as the North of Montana  area North of Wilshire is still up there in price.

Mid-City, 90404:  Stretching from 14th to Centinela, and Wilshire to Olympic, Midtown Santa Monica is a combination of residential, shops and businesses, with an emphasis on entertainment companies.  The residential make up in the area favors small income properties, condo and apartment buildings.  There is also a new performing arts center.

Sunset Park  90404: This is primarily a residential area with a mixture of upscale and older  single family homes.  Parts of Sunset Park are quite rustic also.  As you move towards the south east of this area you are closer to Santa Monica Airport, an extremely busy private airport (due to close in 2028).

Pico District, 90405:  The boundaries are  between Lincoln and Centinela and Colorado and Pico. Pico District is where you can find record stores, a huge Saturday farmers’ market, great restaurants and clothing stores and it is the home of Santa Monica College.

Ocean Avenue, Ocean Park, 90405: The main tourist hub also boasts some of the more upscale condo buildings in the city most with spectacular views of the Pacific.  Santa Monica pier is located at the intersections with Colorado and houses a carousel, amusement park and Ferris Wheel. This is a desirable, artsy neighborhood close to the ocean with a mix of older craftsman-type homes, apartments buildings and condos. Main street is a trendy walk street with great restaurants and boutique shopping.

Santa Monica Canyon: A beautiful, rustic area which is actually part of the city of Los Angeles although it has a Santa Monica zip code. You really have a feeling of being away from the city.

Santa Monica Arts and Entertainment

During the summer Santa Monica’s beaches are a great escape from the heat.  You can stroll down the Pier, take some of the rides, like the Ferris Wheel and the Carousel, or simply watch the magnificent sunsets.

Santa Monica has over 420 acres of public parks to enjoy everything from tennis, basketball, and even lawn bowling.

Santa Monica Hospitals

Santa Monica has two major health facilities:

Santa Monica Schools

Santa Monica is known for its excellent public and private schools, consisting of 11 elementary, four middle, three high schools and an alternative K-8 school. Santa Monica schools  fall under the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District.

Find which school your child can attend by address

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